MDG Advertising

Sep, 06

Objective Support the agency with any video production projects to enhance their existing print-focused customers.

Ground Zero The agency had worked with Producers in the past, but was left looking for a different consultant for each type of job.

Plan Complete any and all video focused projects that the agency received.

Results The agency was impressed with our ability to produce Video, 3D animation, and audio in a variety of formats. A process was developed to produce videos and deliver DVDs and data to be duplicated in house.

Work In the past few years, we partnered with MDG on a variety of video projects, including Commercials, Trade show booth displays and showroom displays:

Boca Raton Museum of Art – Marilyn Monroe exhibit (commercial :30 SD) »

Boca Raton Museum of Art – Degas/Tiffany exhibit (commercial :30 SD) »

Crosswinds (looping tradeshow 5:00 HD) »

Healthcare industry (self-promotion 3:30 HD) »

Laura Munder (looping showroom 3:00 HD) »

The Reserves (looping showroom 3:00 HD) »


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